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Get To Know TASH, The Blend Between The East And The West

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Reminiscent of the Middle East’s incomparable diversity, Tash’s unique and infectious style are about to the change this region’s music and entertainment benchmark.


From Dubai… to Cairo… to Beirut


Reminiscent of the Middle East’s incomparable diversity, Tash’s unique and infectious style are about to the change this region’s music and entertainment benchmark. The first full signing to Sony Music in the Middle East, Tash is an inspiring new artist with an unrivaled talent for music.


Raised in South East London, Tash grew up to the rhythmic beats of Arabic, International and Turkish music. One his earliest memories is around owning a mini snooker table where instead of playing, he would grab the sticks and make rhythmic beats on the cushions of the sofa, banging and rhyming, at age 5.


Tash’s raw talent is partly demonstrated by the fact that although he studies music at school, and music production in college, music theory meant very little to him. It was more of an inclination to create his own music than to follow notes. That in turn bred in him the need to write, produce and perform all of his music on his own. As he got older, he gradually developed a strong ear for oriental beats. The Arabic language in particular contributes a lot to his music. “It is a beautiful language”, Tash expressed, “It touches me every time I hear it.” I remember that from a young age, it has always sounded very familiar to me.” He started enjoying the works of Amr Diab, Mustapha Amar, Elissa, Cheb Khaled and others. Khaleeji and pop music are one of his core influences as he continues to write and produce his own.


When asked about how London influences his music, he shared “I feel like I am London. It’s so natural to me. Maybe on a subconscious level, it gives the opportunity to express myself fully with little limitation."


"When I’m making music I know I can take it to wherever I want it to go without the fear of being judged because in London anything goes. I could be anywhere; in bed or on the bus.. I hear a melody in my mind, so I get up and record it. Here, moments of inspiration aren’t restriced to a setting.”


It is hence no surprise that Tash considers London his home, and has been able to make so much of his talent by being there. Having established himself and honed his song-writing, performance and production skills, he is now ready to reach out to the Middle East; the region his music will speak to the most.



His debut album, The Deep End, is a colorful blend of English and Arabic fused with Turkish and Mediterranean sounds. His style is a unique blend between East and West, fusing traditional oriental beats with Western R’n’B and Dance. When asked what he wants people to feel when they listen to his album, Tash replied “I want them to share a moment. This album is all about sharing a moment of their lives with the song. I want it to come across as just a variety of different moments in life, celebrating your situation whatever it may be, and embracing life where it’s at. The songs are a reflection of my own life and experiences”. For instance, ‘Habibi Leh’, the first single released from his album expresses a feeling of betrayal, deception and anger felt towards a past lover.


The “Deep End” is Tash’s first album, and was released on 12.02.12 by Sony Entertainment.


The official music video for the first hit single, ‘Habibi Leh’ in Arabic, and ‘Habibi Leh’ (Losing My Head) in English, were released across the Middle East on 01.02.12.




Flipbook: Introducing Tash Tash's unique and infectious style are about to change this region's music and entertainment benchmark.
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